Quick Cover
Using Quick Cover ADC provides several benefits to landfill operators.  Not only does Quick Cover save valuable airspace, it also reduces operating costs, equipment requirements, landfill depletion rates and closure post closure accrual rates.

Saves Airspace
Like all alternate daily cover materials, Quick Cover saves valuable airspace.

Cheaper Than Soil
For landfills that are deficient in soils for daily cover, Quick Cover is less expensive than purchasing soil.

Reduces Operating Costs
Using Quick Cover reduces the cost of excavating, transporting and placing daily cover soils.  Typically no more than one man hour is required to mix and apply Quick Cover.

Improves Leachate and Landfill Gas Collection
Using Quick Cover improves leachate and landfill gas collection efficiency by removing the low-permiability barriers that are created by fine grain soil daily cover.

Reduces Equipment Requirements

By reducing the amount of soil to be excavated, transported and placed, less equipment may be necessary.  Depending on site specific conditions, fewer trucks or scrapers may be necessary for cover excavation and transportation.

Depeletion Rates, Closure and Post Closure Accrual Rates
Landfill depletion rates, closure and post closure accrual rates are typically based on remaining waste capacity. These rates may be reduced by using Quick Cover because it allows more waste to be placed in a landfill.