Quick Cover

Quick Cover

Quick Cover ADC is a blend of cellulose fiber mulch and a binding agent that form a slurry when mixed with water.  The mulch is manufactured from recycled fiber stock (mixed papers) and the binding agent is composed of synthetic tacifier.  None of the materials are reactive, ignitable or corrosive.  Quick Cover is packaged in 50-pound plastic bags, with a nominal bag size of 15.5" x 12" x 42".

Quick Cover is applied to a landfill working face by spraying with special application equipment similar to a commercial hydro-seeder which is typically pulled by a bulldozer or other landfill equipment.  Quick Cover is mixed, at a ratio of approximately one 50-pound bag of Quick Cover to every 100 gallons of water, within the reservoir of the application equipment.  The materials are mixed by jet and mechanical agitation until they form a smooth homogenous slurry.  The materials stay in suspension after they are mixed allowing a uniform spray application that allows the material to conform to the shape o fthe underlying waste.

Quick Cover+

Quick Cover+ is similar to Quick Cover but includes a fire retardant additive for those facilities that desire added fire protection or to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Quick Cover

Quick Cover LT is a spray slurry alternate daily cover similar to Quick Cover.  However, Quick Cover LT is manufactured without the addition of water in the process.  In fact, the manufacturing process reduces the moisture content to 7% by volume.  As a result, Quick Cover LT contains 98.4% active ingredients.  Since no water is added Quick Cover LT provides about 10% more product for your money or about 200 more pounds of active ingredients per ton.  The low water content also prevents hard chunks that can clog hoses and nozzles and allows the product to mix quicker than other cellulose based ADCs.

Quick Cover LT is packaged in 33 lb. bags which are easier to handle and reduce the risk of injury.  Each bag contains a water soluble green dye pack. 

Quick Cover LT is manufactured at seven locations in the United States.  This allows Space Savers to boast the lowest average freight cost of any spray slurry ADC in the industry. 

  Quick Cover LT Flyer (PDF)

Application Procedures

The following procedures are recommended for the daily application of the Quick Cover ADC:

Fill ADC application equipment with water;

Add one 50-pound bag of Quick Cover to every 100 gallons of water;

Allow the materials to mix until they form a homogeneous slurry, 15 minutes is typically sufficient;

Apply the compacted refuse by spraying directly on the working face.  Use proper application nozzle to provide constant coverage.  Quick Cover may be sprayed up to 180 feet depending on the type of application equipment used.

Quick Cover dries to form a uniform coating on top of the waste.  Drying time is typically 30-minutes to one-hour depending on weather conditions.  During windy conditions, the slurry may need to be sprayed from two directions to ensure proper coverage.

Regulatory Compliance

When properly applied, Quick Cover forms a uniform coating that conforms to the shape of the underlying waste and provides the following additional beneficial functions:

Covers the underlying waste and reduces available breeding sites for flies, mosquitoes and other insects as well as discouraging solid waste from being an attractant to domestic/feral and wild animals;

Serves as an odor barrier or filter of odors emanating from solid wastes;

Reduces the potential for fires within the landfill; and

Improves the aesthetics for site users and neighbors.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

  Quick Cover Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

  Quick Cover Information Page (PDF)