Alternate Daily Cover Tarp

Space Savers now provides two types of Alternate Daily Cover Tarp:  (1) Quick Tarp made of heavy duty 9.43 oz. per square yd. polypropylene and (2) Quick Tarp LT made of 6.5 oz. per square yard polyethylene.  Our tarps are designed to withstand harsh landfill conditions.  

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Quick Tarp

Quick Tarp are made of a heavy 9.43 oz. polypropylene fabric that is that is 20.5 mils thick.  The tarps are reinforced with a 3-inch wide high-strength webbing on all exterior sides and every 25-feet of the interior of the tarp.  The webbing is also used to make pull straps that are located on all four corners and every 25-feet on two sides and to structurely reinforce all four corners.  Seams and reinforcement webbing are double stitched with high-stress polypropylene thread.  Stock Sizes: 30’ x 30’, 50’ x 50’, 50’ x 100’ and 100’ x 100’

Quick Tarp LT

Quick Tarp LT are an economical solution to your ADC needs.  They are made of a 6.5oz. polyethylene fabric that is 12.5 mils thick. They are reinforced with 3/8-inch rope that is sewn into the tarp on all exterior sides.  This tarp is made of one a single sheet and has no seams allowing for added strength.   Metal grommets are provided every 1.5-feet on all sides to allow for pull straps to be installed as desired.  Stock Size: 50’ x 100’.

Tarp Test Summary

  Space Savers Tarp Test Summary Sheet (PDF) 


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